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Say no to Buzzfeed (today) Facebooker. Do this instead.

At the end of a Buzzfeed quiz you might find out which city you're not moving to next. Or which animal clearly are not. Or which boys school you didn't go to. So that's fun. Rucksack survey #3

Fill in this survey and first you get nothing. Boo. But then in the coming year you get... a rucksack! One that you helped to design. (It's about rucksacks, by the way. And if you know what a rucksack is, you're going to be great at this survey.) Camaaaannn...  When did Buzzfeed ever really give you anything other than a horrible feeling of self loathing?

So help this startup, and your future self, by completing this 5 minute survey. Please share, like and comment. I'm not greedy like those little kids who want bunnies - I don't need a million people to take the survey. But basing the rucksack on 5000 survey takers is going to be tricky but bloody brilliant.

Please help! Thanks to the hundreds of people who have taken the previous mini surveys. You really get the chance to geek out in this one and all the bugs are fixed.