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RiutBag R15 user review: From Russia with love

Sometimes, I'm blown away by RiutBag users. The people who write to tell me that they can now travel with total peace of mind, the people who tell me they are able to travel with confidence for the first time since their partner passed away and those who are just really happy with the quality of the RiutBag.

Well, this week, Alexander Lozhechkin's feedback put a smile on my face. He wrote this love letter to the RiutBag R15 and he also commented on consumerism, globalisation, startups, product development, quality and, well, everything, really. It's so amazing when - through the medium of a backpack - someone on the other side of the world understands what you are trying to do more broadly.

Click on the image of Alexander's blog to read it on medium.com or follow the link here.