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New uses for your RiutBag!

On Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, it's been great to hear from you not only *that* you're using your RiutBag but *how*! 

RiutBag in tennis mode! Thanks to backer David for this fantastic suggestion. I went an checked. All the tennis rackets I found fit in the laptop compartment :) and tubes of tennis balls fit perfectly in the outer bottle holders!

RiutBag in baby mode! Thanks to IVF blogger + inspirational personal coach Rebecca Hopkins for teaching me how the RiutBag can be transformed into a baby RiutBag. The beauty is that it leaves you hands-free whilst carrying a whole bunch of stuff :) I thought I'd designed a laptop bag. But users can see so much more! 

RiutBag in picnic mode! A little reminder, whilst picnic weather remains, to use your RiutBag for this purpose too! It's been great to see RiutBag users on Twitter taking their RiutBags out for picnics already this summer :) Come + join us

Next time

I hope your RiutBags are behaving + that you're finding them useful! Come + join us + where I'll soon be announcing someexciting news about the future of the RiutBag. The rucksack revolution has only just begun. And you were there at the very start making it happen. Thank you.

Riut. Revolution in user thinking.