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Jarvis Cocker on creativity + the city

Can we really be inspired or creative on our daily commute? I believe a lot of inspiration can come from the little things; the things we see + do every day. That's part of the Revolution in user thinking, my mantra. Read on to see what Jarvis Cocker says on this topic.

Jarvis Cocker on creativity + the city

Jarvis Cocker is an idol of 1990s Britpop, still loved by many today. With his band Pulp, they came to fame singing about common people doing common things, inspired by the everyday goings on in the post-industrial northern English city, Sheffield. 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="634.0"]Sarah Giblin asking Jarvis Cocker about cities + creativity Sarah Giblin asking Jarvis Cocker about cities + creativity

When he hosted a viewing of his recent documentary "Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets", as someone who's interested in urban landscapes + creativity, I went along + asked Jarvis about his view on thinking creatively in apparently mundane towns + cities.

He said: "Growing up in a post-industrial city in the 70s, there wasn't really much to do. And so I found myself thinking, writing to fill the time. We all had to somehow. 

He went on: "It's something I think about quite a lot. In the modern world, if you're on a train + you've got 10 minutes spare, you think "Oh I'll just check my phone". Then you sit there and stare at your phone. I wonder what impact that will have on the creation of art + ideas by the next generation."

It's on the trains, in the buses, standing at the bus stop + having time to think that some of the world's greatest albums, books, theories + cultural creations were born. So next time you're bored on the bus, sure - look at your phone. But maybe take a minute to leave your phone in your RiutBag + let your mind wander. You never know what you might discover.