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In your satchel: cinematic advertising CEO

Who are you? Christian Nordkvist.

What do you do? I’m the CEO of ADMERICA. We make cinematic advertising with Hollywood film directors. 

Where do you do it? Berlin, Germany.

What’s revolutionary about your approach? ADMERICA is part of the revolution in advertising which says no to forcing products on consumers. Instead, we create films that customers – that you – want to watch by focussing on what makes cinema great. How? Simply, our cinematic advertising is made of the same stuff that makes everyone want go to the movies. 

Then it’s a case of getting it to customers. Where do they access content? Wherever they want. On tablets, smartphones, computers through TV and in the good old cinema, the inspiration for this new and exciting industry.

Do you travel much for work? I travel quite a bit because we are deal with Fortune 500s based in North American and UK markets. I spend a lot of time on the road or in the sky. 

Do you carry a bag? Yes. I use a cold-war era courier satchel, more for style than for comfort (it’s hell to open and close). It matches my outfit and keeps my belongings safe. 

What’s in your bag? Nexus 7 tablet, business card case, pen, wallet and my nicotine gum. I’m not actually a smoker, but watching Sherlock I picked up his notion of nicotine patches for boosting cognitive performance and now I swear by it.


What changes would you want to make your bag to make your commute better? I’d make it more ergonomic and comfortable. I’ll tell you: none of us is getting any younger. With a single shoulder strap, above a certain weight it really starts causing my back problems. Not ideal.

Well, Mr CEO, I understand that style is important, but I still can't quite see how that buckle would ever let you in or out! Let's see whether we can make you something that looks stylish and supports your back. The current offering for cold war style rucksacks doesn't look promising... I'll see what I can do.

Here's how everyone can find out more about ADMERICA's revolution in advertising. I'm sure we'll be seeing it on a screen near us soon: ADMERICA website

Commuters out there, share what's in your bag with us no matter where you are. Photo, list or a little film if you want. Or, if you find it easier, here's a little survey to fill in.