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Day two of the rucksack revolution on Kickstarter: it's happening!

Two weeks ago the RiutBag was a closely guarded secret, kept in a prototyping workshop well away from the public. With legal protection secured and a world of commuters and city travellers to tell, I felt it was was time to launch the RiutBag online. That happened yesterday. The rucksack problem: when you wear your old rucksack, the person behind you can get into it better than you can. That might be fine up a mountain or on a gentle afternoon walk; but this is unnerving in a densely populated city where 96% of commuters travel alone on a daily basis.

This is day two of the live Kickstarter campaign, The revolutionary rucksack: RiutBag. On day one Riut got a boost by being named a Kickstarter staff pick! One of only 851 projects to be hand picked by Kickstarter staff, backers have welcomed RiutBag generously.

I'm attempting to raise to put the first run of RiutBags into production. Mid way through day two we already more than one third of the goal pledged. That means, RiutBag becoming a reality is an increasing likelihood! Here's the campaign page with regular updates in response to the active Kickstarter community giving advice, criticism and encouragement.


It is a Kickstarter rule of thumb that those projects that reach the 30% pledged mark have a dramatically higher chance of successfully reach their funding goal. There are no certainties, however. I will be working hard to speak at events, meet real commuters who face crowded cities every day and spreads the message online.

So what is the message? Together we are revolving the rucksack to improve our quality of life. The goal is not create fear of crime, it's to feel as safe as you are. 6% of commuters in the RiutSurveys this summer reported that they had experienced theft on their commute. However, 60% were concerned about theft on a daily basis. That's a lot of worry on a daily basis when, 9 times out of 10, we return in the evening with the belongings we left.

Yes, a RiutBag stops hands wondering into pockets. Or things falling out! But most importantly, Riut's main goal is to give you peace of mind. Have a revolution in user thinking. Travel calm, safe and positive with a RiutBag.

Thank you to every person who has shared, liked, G+ed, upvoted and backed the RiutBag in Kickstarter. Get involved on Twitter with @_riut, on Facebook www.facebook.com/riutbag and Linkedin.