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2 year anniversary since the first ever RiutBag prototype completed!

Happy 2nd anniversary RiutBag! It is two years since the first ever RiutBag prototype - and thus the first ever RiutBag - was completed :) In September 2014, the design was still top secret. Only about 5 people in the world new it existed and my first Kickstarter campaign was due to start one month later. Thank you to all the early adopters of the backwards backpack for secure urban travel. 


Thank you to prototype-maker Annah Legg ( every Kickstarter backer, RiutBag user and supporter for helping to turn the world's backpacks around the Riut way. RiutBag is backwards so we can all move in busy urban spaces with calm and confidence. There is no need to feel suspicious, hostile or irritated by those around us. We live in densely populated urban spaces: let's have a revolution in our own thinking, adapt and enjoy it.

Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. This describes the RiutBag, revolved by 180 degrees to fit the zips securely against your back. It describes the impact on the user: allowing them to have a revolution in their own thinking. Finally, it describes the process of creating the RiutBag. I was a rucksack user. I took my savings, prototyped, went to other backpack users on the crowdfunding website - Kickstarter - and, with their help, made this idea real. Thank you for all the support and challenge in the last two years.

Kind regards,

Sarah Giblin
RiutBag creator