What fits in the R25 25 litre max carry-on RiutBag?

How much fits in a 25 litre RiutBag? I took all this in my R25 on a 30 day trip from Europe to New Zealand, with no check in luggage. If you want to use the maximum 55x40x20cm allowance on onboard, see if the R25 has the right capacity and features for your trip.

Access your smartphone, keys and passport from your backpack on the go: D-pocket - RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 2017 user manual

Give your pockets a break! Use your new D-pocket to store the small important items you need most. If the next thing you're doing is opening the front door, store your keys in the D-pocket. Keep your smartphone there and slide out when you need it. At the airport, keep your passport in the D-pocket to quickly access and stow rather than holding it in your hand at all times when you're travelling. 

Reflective and colouful RiutBands - 2017 RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 user manual

Four colourful and reflective RiutBands are included with each RiutBag R25, R15 and R10. Using just one or all of them, you can personalise your RiutBag or turn them the other way to add visibility for cyclists and pedestrians who wish to be seen at night. Attach the RiutBands to your top handle with the snap fastening. They are soft enough to keep there whilst using your handle normally. RiutBag is the backwards laptop backpack for calm, secure city travel.

D-pocket: access your keys at your door whilst your backpack is still on - 2017 RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 user manual

The D-pocket lets you access small yet important items. On your way home, make sure your keys are in your D-pocket. Without removing your backpack, open the D-pocket, grab your keys and walk through your front door. The RiutBag is designed to help you adapt to city life, commuting, leaving home, getting home and the things we really do.

Solution to dangling straps. Invisible strap ends: adjust, roll away, secure - 2017 RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 user manual

Extra strap length is useful - especially for taller and broader backpack users - but when left dangling, it looks unslightly and can get caught when you're in a hurry. On the RiutBag, adjust your straps to the length you require, roll the rest away and secure with elastic. Secure, smart and simple. RiutBag is the backwards laptop backpack for calm city travel.

Adjustable and removable chest straps - 2017 RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 user manual

Chest straps are useful to help you distribute the weight you're carrying in your RiutBag, backwards backpack. You can adjust your chest straps up and down, and allow more length on the RiutBag; the chest strap should be aproximately armpit level. If you don't want to use them at all, simply remove by sliding them all the way to the top of the piping. Tip: store them in the zipped pocket inside your RiutBag just in case you do want to reattach them.

Clipped mesh in R15, user or fold away - 2017 RiutBag R15 and R25 only

What are the mesh curtains for in the new RiutBag R15 and R25? They are a new idea to help RiutBag users hold their packed belongings in place. Either clipped them shut to hold your things in, or fold them away when you don't need them.

The R10, the slimmer RiutBag, does not have this feature.

Drop laptop into RiutBag. Cushioned laptop compartment - 2017 RiutBag R25, R15 and R10 user manual

RiutBag laptop compartment has a cushioned base so you can simply drop your laptop in when you're in a rush. The laptop cushion sits on thick Lycra, above another layer of foam and, finally, a waterproof and abrasion proof TPU base. Your laptop cannot make contact with the ground or get scratched in a RiutBag :)

What fits in a 15 litre backpack? RiutBag R15 capacity 2017

R15 has 15 litre capacity, 15" laptop holder and opens like a suitcase. It holds enough for a few nights away on holiday for for work. Watch the video to see me pack my tech, clothes and spare pair of trainers. RiutBag is the secure laptop backwards backpack for calm city travel.

What fits in a 10 litre backpack? RiutBag R10 capacity 2017

RiutBag R10 is the super slim secure laptop backwards backpack for calm city travel. R10 has 10 litres of packing capacity, 15" laptop holder and opens like a suitcase. It's like a laptop bag on your back. Slim, slight and perfect commuting backpack

Best backpack for airport travel - 1 min demo 2017

RiutBag opens backwards so you feel totally secure travelling globally and through busy airports. At airport security your laptop can be quickly removed and stowed. The top pocket is useful for holding on board liquids and, most importantly, the D-pocket lets you easily access your passport on the go.