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RiutBag backwards backpack

Kickstarter in September 2015. New RiutBag models with early deals from £55 + postage. Dispatch this December!

RiutBag is the backwards backpack. It has no outer zips; they're all against your back for safe, calm city travel. I'm Sarah, creator of the RiutBag. Riut is pronounced "riot", and stands for Revolution in user thinking.  

This time last year I completed the second of three RiutBags prototypes. In the last year the testing phase was completed, I launched my first Kickstarter campaign + with the help of over 1000 backers made the RiutBag first production run. There are now 1200 RiutBags being used all over planet earth. 

Now it's time to use my invaluable experience from my first Kickstarter project, gather all the feedback on the first RiutBag design + create the next generation to be even more user focussed. The RiutBag Pro range will launch on Kickstarter this autumn. 

Sign up here to hear first! Grab the early bird offers + know you're helping a user-focussed startup make it in the process.