Safe travel bag

Are rucksacks safe?

I have used rucksacks my entire life. Yet, in recent years as a serious commuter and traveller, I realised the rucksack's design leaves me worrying about my zips being undone. I twitch every time someone touches my bag! Is the person behind my removing something from my rucksack? Mostly, the answer is no. But that doesn't stop me worrying.

Why do we worry?

I'm a confident traveller, I travel across the world on my own, yet I still found myself being wary of others when I have my passport, wallet and laptop with me. I've realised why:

when you wear the conventional rucksack as intended, the person behind you can get into your rucksack better than you can.

That's an unnerving design fault given we live and work in high population urban spaces, where we cannot know all the people around us.

A new UK design

There's a really simple way to reduce stress, extra thought and time wasted worrying about your belongings. I've revolved the body of the conventional rucksack to remove all the outer zips and place them against your back for safe, calm travel. 

I call it the RiutBag. Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. This is my disruptive yet positive design philosophy which puts the urban user at the centre of my thinking when I design. Check out the RiutBag's features to see whether you should wear your bag the Riut way round.

Safe rucksack RiutBag founder Sarah Giblin

Check out the RiutBag's story and how I started Riut. If this is the Riut bag for you, join the global revolution of rucksacks and have a revolution in user thinking.

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

RiutBag creator, founder of Riut and city traveller