Reduce travel + commuting stress

Pros + cons of commuting

In your life-time, if you are like the average commuter, you're said to spend about 10,000 hours commuting to and from large, economic hubs like cities. We know why we do it: better pay, increased social and cultural exchange, more variety of work and leisure activities. We know the downsides too: higher living costs, higher crime, higher density living and increased stress.

Can I reduce commuter stress?

But what if we can adapt better to our city environment? What if we could prepare ourselves better for our commute, daily life or holidays which we increasingly take in cities by using products designed for our urban life?

A new UK design

I can't take away the cost of living in cities or the high density population. But I have a design which reduces the chance of opportunistic crime, helps you ignore the high density of people on the bus, train, tram and tube. I hope it reduces your stress by taking your mind off your high value belongings. Simply by turning your bag around. And adding a few features especially for the commuter and city traveller.

Commute with a RiutBag

Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. My first product is the RiutBag. It's a unisex commuter bag with no outer zips for safe, calm city travel. By taking away the possibility that your zips are open, that someone around you could take anything, I hope to leave you calmer on your commute or your holiday travel. 

Check out the RiutBag story

Check out the RiutBag story

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

RiutBag creator, founder of Riut, fellow commuter