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Set of two zipped cable bags

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How can I keep my cables neat in my backpack? Where should you collect your paper receipts on business trips? How do you organise your cables and chargers in your bag? Is there a small zipped bag like an adult pencil case? Is there a small flight bag that you can keep everything for a long haul flights? Recommended for: commuters and travellers carrying chargers, cables, receipts, travel documents and tech accessories. Helps to organise your backpack. Makes work and travel easier. 

Colours: Black with green interior

Made for travellers who want more organisation inside backpack: Two zipped cable bags with mesh front so you can see the contents and durable Cordura back with green interior. If you have chargers, wires, cables, spare change and receipts lying in the bottom of your backpack, this is a simple solution for you to grab them all in one go. Organise, zip away and grab them when you need them at the office or on the go. 

This is a vegan product.

Both are 30cm wide. One is slimmer, at a height of 12cm. One is deeper at the height of 20cm. They are flexible and zipped shut with YKK zips.