slim laptop backpack 15.6 inch hybrid bag expanding riutbag x35 women
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
15.6 laptop large professional black backpack cabin laptop riutbag x35 x25 anti theft secure men
phone holder backpack secure zips hidden against back riutbag keys
slim backpack hybrid expanding travel bag for men laptop 15.6 inch
best backpack for travel features riutbag x35 x25 black 35 litres
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
extra large backpack black travel smart women cabin riutbag x35 laptop secure riutbag x35 waist strap
high security laptop backpack woth waist strap riutbag x25
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35
Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35

Slim, expandable 3-in-1 laptop backpack | Secure | RiutBag X35

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Recommended for: frequent travel by air and rail, smart laptop backpack for work meetings as well as commuting and international travel, traveller who wants one high quality backpack to change capacity with changing travel needs.

Never run out of space in your backpack again. Move in seconds from smart and slim compact mode or large (15 to 35 litres) with the secure expandable laptop backpack, RiutBag X35. Travel with confidence knowing your backpack fits within airline cabin luggage restrictions. The zipped and padded laptop holder looks after a screen up to 15.6 inches and has a separate compartment for a tablet for A4 documents. Never think about pickpockets again. This secure backpack only has zips against your body so you control when your backpack is opened.

Whether you're going to a client meeting, heading to the gym or travelling internationally, your RiutBag X35 stays smart, secure and changes size to suit the look you need. 

  • Secure, expandable backpack no one else can open
  • Mode 1: 15 litre slim laptop backpack - Compact
  • Mode 2: 25 litre medium/large backpack - Medium
  • Mode 3: 35 litre max cabin travel bag - Expanded
  • Expand or fold compact in seconds
  • Change the size and the look easily
  • Cushioned double 15.6" laptop compartment + large tablet holders
  • Durable, washable and waterproof materials
  • Winner European Product Design Award 2020
  • Free 2-4 day UK delivery
  • EU delivery info
  • International delivery: Arrives globally within 7 days
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Model height in backpack images: Anna (f) 5'2" or 157cm, Curtis (m) 5'10" or 177cm, Alex (m) 6'2" or 187cm

Is there one backpack I can use for work, travel and casual? Which backpack change size depending on your need? What’s the largest backpack you can take on a flight? Is there a large travel backpack with a laptop holder? Is there a smart, high quality cabin luggage bag for carry-on luggage? Are there hybrid backpacks that change capacity from small to large? What's the best softpack cabin luggage?

You can still look smart even travelling with a max carry-on backpack. And backpacks have been reinvented by Riut to be 100% secure when they are on your back. You can also use one backpack for your every day commute and for global travel with this clever, folding and expanding origami design. Meet RiutBag X35, just funded on Kickstarter.

How it works

RiutBag X35 changes size to suit the capacity you need in seconds. Use the unique folding mechanism to change from an everyday carry laptop backpack to a max carry-on, cabin bag with over 35 litres space. It's secure too, because we made safer backpacks for greater journeys. Enjoy carrying anything anywhere.

(Video has captions available)

The X35 is built with a luxurious, durable and waterproof materials and a tough base. It is a smart and durable backpack for daily and international travel. The main 15 - 35 litre compartment opens suitcase style to reveal a bright, cavernous compartment. It has a mesh divider to aid with privacy and packing.

extra large softpack carry-on laptop backpack 35 litre water bottle RiutBag

It has cushioned 15.6" laptop compartment (see dimensions below), zipped inner pockets, top loop for hanging, extra compartment for holding a tablet or documents straight, two large 32cm bottle holders, top handle, extra large top pocket, zipped D-pocket at base of spine for access on the go, trolley suitcase strap and adjustable/removable chest straps. It is made from the most durable materials available and weighs 1.38kg. 

RiutBag X35 is compatible with the attachable and removable waist strap - bought separately here. The waist strap is recommended for cyclists, travellers and users with back and shoulder conditions.

RiutBag user flow

RiutBag X35 arrives folded. For more capacity, unclip the side snap fastenings and top buckles. The materials fold to compact again - see video. Double zips open the main compartment in the back panel. RiutBag X35 opens up like a suitcase with a bright interior. The design changes size to suit the needs of the traveller and stays secure whenever it is worn. Because no one else can get into the RiutBag X35, it lets you travel with confidence, openness and less stress.

RiutBag materials

RiutBag designer chooses the best materials available for the RiutBag: Waterproof, fireproof, durable nylons. Anti-abrasive, waterproof base. Foam straps reinforced with EVA. Laptop compartment: lined, cushioned strong Lycra. Layers of protection between laptop and ground: five layers. 100% YKK zips.

RiutBag dimensions

Expanded: Airline carry-on safe 50cm x 35cm x 20 cm 

Softpack laptop backpack made to fit within the largest number of airline' cabin luggage policy and dimensions; that includes easyJet and Ryanair for European travel, as well as most international airlines. 

Laptop compartment dimensions 

The laptop holder maximum laptop size is 40cm x 28m x 4 cm. The laptop compartment has zipped, rounded edges. Your laptop must be within these dimensions to be zipped shut inside this compartment. The compartment has two layers: one for a laptop and a second for a tablet, slim laptop or keeping your documents straight.

extra large laptop backpack 15.6" 15 inch zipped compartment secure backpack

Washing instructions

RiutBag is simple to clean: For light stains, use a damp cloth. For a complete refresh, RiutBag is machine washable up to 40 degrees centigrade. Do not use detergent: this breaks down waterproofing capabilities in RiutBag materials.  Dry naturally, not in a machine or tumble dryer.

How RiutBag is made

Each RiutBag is designed by Sarah Giblin and is handmade at a sewing machine in Fujian, southern China. This is the best factory in the world that designer, Sarah Giblin, could find. Sarah spends 3-4 months per year at the RiutBag factory working alongside the staff, improving manufacturing techniques and designs every time and catching any errors which occur naturally when new, complex backpack designs are handmade by real people. Together with Sarah, two production teams of 22 people have made every RiutBag in existence. When the RiutBags are complete, RiutBag designer, checks every single one - seam by seam, zip by zip - to ensure they are right for you.