Reflective 100% waterproof backpack cover | RiutBag Cover
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high visiblity hiviz reflective cyclist motorbike waterproof backpack safety gear high quality riutbag cover
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Reflective 100% waterproof backpack cover | RiutBag Cover
small waterproof rain cover reflective 10-14 litre  safety cyclist motorcycle pedestrian be seen

Reflective 100% waterproof backpack cover | RiutBag Cover

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Never worry you can't be seen at night again. Get a fully-reflective rain cover which keeps your backpack, laptop and valuables dry whilst making you shine brightly in any traffic. This material lights up as soon as light shines on it. Get home safe and dry every time.
  • Fully reflective backpack cover
  • 100% waterproof
  • Strap attachments and elastic to fit
  • Turn inside out for black option
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Quick size guide: small (up to 14 litres for RiutBag Crush), medium (up to 22 litres for RiutBag R15.4), large (up to 35 litres for RiutBag X35)

How can I waterproof my backpack? How do you stop dirt and sand getting into your luggage? Is there a rain cover made from 100% reflective material? Is there a high quality backpack rain cover? How can you make your laptop backpack 100% waterproof for cycling and still look smart for work?

A must for every city cyclist. When you check the weather app and it says rain is coming, the best thing you can be is prepared. If you're travelling the world, keep your backpack clean and dry. Whether you're walking to work, cycling or on a motorbike, protect your backpack from dirt, sand and any torrential downpour with these 100% waterproof, hyper-reflective, high quality, elasticated rain covers in small, medium and large. 

Small, medium or large backpack cover?

I have three sizes for you, based on the secure urban backpack range I design.

SMALL for RiutBag Crush, RiutBag Go - 10 to 14 litres

MEDIUM for RiutBag+, RiutBag R15.4, RiutBag R15.3, RiutBag R10.3  - 15 to 20 litres

LARGE for RiutBag X35, X25, R25, first edition RiutBag -  21 to 35 litres

Reversible: Hyper-reflective and black double-sided 100% waterproof backpack cover

Even if your backpack has waterproof materials, turning up at your meeting with a wet bag isn’t right for every meeting. Instead, simply cover your backpack with a RiutBag Cover, slip it off as soon as soon as you’re inside, and it’ll be like there wasn’t a drop of rain outside. If you’re cycling, turn it the other way and you’ll find the entire RiutBag Cover is made from hyper-visible, reflective material. It is stunningly bright when light shines on you. And it feels amazing knowing you are doing everything you can to be safe and seen.

User flow: how does it feel

“It's incredible how a single piece of material can make you feel different when you travel. Cycling through the city on a warm evening - it wasn’t even raining - it felt so good knowing my RiutBag Crush was covered in reflective material and even if it did rain, I was fully prepared. I felt like I was doing everything I could to help vehicles see me in the dark."

"I tested the prototype for this design cycling 150km down the German-Polish border, camping each night and cycling every day. It rained a bit every day. When you’re camping, having even slightly damp clothing needs to be avoided. It made me feel totally different as I cycled. The rain didn't matter - in fact, I could enjoy it! Because even though visibility was lower due to the rain, I knew I was hyper-visible on the road and all my belongings were 100% dry. But of course, you can use it on the cycle or walk to work, worn either the reflective or the black side showing."

"During the prototyping phase, I also hitched a ride on the back of friend’s motorbike. We both agreed it was much better to have the full hyper-reflective cover over my really large RiutBag X35 facing the traffic. I had the rain cover securely attached to my straps so the cover couldn’t blow away. It just felt much safer being that visible."

"This is the first edition of RiutBag Covers I’ve made. As ever with my products, I've built them to be best version of a rain and visibility cover for a backpack. And, once you've used yours, I'll ask for your feedback and we'll keep developing them together."

How to put the rain cover on your backpack

You have two sides to your RiutBag Cover: black 100% waterproof material and hyper-reflective on the other side. There’s strong elastic around the whole design so you can fit it over your backpack. Finally, there are two straps with snap fastenings and loops so you can secure your RiutBag Cover to the straps of your backpack. When you aren’t using it and it’s dry, roll it up and keep in a bottle holder, or just inside your backpack. When it’s wet, hang it up and let it dry naturally. 

Wishing you safe travels with it and I look forward to hearing where you travel with yours!

Kind regards

Sarah Giblin

RiutBag creator