What is Riut?

Thanks for spotting the RiutBag and for taking a closer look! I'm Sarah, Riut's founder and the designer of the RiutBag, the urban rucksack with no outer zips; they are all against your back for safe, calm city travel.

Riut is pronounced "riot" and stands for Revolution in user thinking. It's is the disruptive yet positive design philosophy which allowed me to question the conventional rucksack, and revolve it to suit urban rucksack users like us. 

If you have any questions about how I design or where the RiutBag is going next, come and grab me online, at events or if you see me in the street feel free to say hello!

Here's what Revolution in user thinking means to me:

  1. Revolution in user thinking is the impact I hope the RiutBag has on you whilst you use it. I want you to have a revolution in your own thinking whilst travelling around densely populated cities: no need for extra stress, fear of opportunistic crime or worry that your zips are open. I hope this will free up your time to think about whatever you want! Concentrate on the job at hand, get some rest whilst commuting or enjoy sightseeing whilst on holidays in exciting cities. 
  2. It's my design mantra. I aim to revolve all my thinking around you, the urban rucksack user. That's why I've added hidden ticket pockets in each strap, invisible strap lengths and used waterproof materials on the base an outershell. They are small additions, but they should make your movement around urban spaces easier and better.
  3. Revolution in user thinking is a literal description of the RiutBag. The main body of the RiutBag has revolved to take all the outer zips and place them against your back. 
  4. Finally, I think users of products and services - that's us! - are a great source of future innovation. We can start a revolution in user thinking where users come up with new ideas and make them happen. A year ago I was a humble rucksack user and now there are 1000 RiutBags being used in the world! If you have an idea, don't be put off from doing it. Every company started with a person and an idea. If you want to start something, I hope the RiutBag will be a daily reminder to you that one normal person can have an idea, prototype, raise funds and manufacture it. It is possible.