Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition

Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for Your Wrists | Recycled, repurposed | Limited edition

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NEW Winter 2021

Recommended for: cyclists who ride in traffic and in the dark. Scooter riders, pedestrians and joggers also find them useful to be more visible at night. People who value sustainable, recycled products.

We indicate with our arms as cyclists. Whilst 90% of us light our bike frame, only 6% of cyclists light up our wrists, arms and hands. This means, currently our indication system is nearly invisible at night. 

I want to #LightUpYourWrists on every bike journey and make indicators on wrists as common as bike lights. Indicator cuffs - or Indicuffs for short - reflect light from vehicles around you so your arm indications are visible at night, powered by the lights around you

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Context: How we indicate as cyclists 

As cyclists, we have a great method of indicating: by moving our arms left and right. This simple gesture is universally recognised by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It may be simple, but it's our most sophisticated means of communication in traffic to let vehicle drivers know we are changing our path and in which direction. This works well, as long as our arms are visible.

Problem: Invisible indicators

At night, due to cars' powerful lights, anything on the road that isn't well lit becomes nearly invisible. Although we're good at lighting up our bike frames and ankles, only 6% of cyclists light up their wrists, arms and hands. Yet, these are our indication system. The combination of vehicle bright lights and our lack of illumination of this body part means our indication system is not clearly visible at night. 

Solution: Indicuffs

Indicator cuffs - or Indicuffs™ for short - light up our wrists day or night, in summer or winter and you never need to charge them. One end is highly reflective material which powered by the vehicles's lights around you. The other end is a bright neon yellow for daytime indication. Hand-stitched by the designer on to those 90s favourites, slap bands, you change from reflective to neon in seconds depending on your journey. Make them part of every journey by bike and show everyone where you're going.

Two sizes

Small 30cm: for children and people with small wrists up to 14cm circumference (all the way round)

Large 40cm: for use over clothing and wrists over 16cm circumference 

If you'd like to use your Indicuffs™ over a jumper or coat, choose large. 

Measure your wrist all the way round using a soft tape measure. If you don't have one available, I recommend small for kids + medium or large for adults. There is no minimum wrists size. The larger sizes are suitable for everyone: the slap band just wraps round round your wrists more times.

Reclaimed, repurposed materials

I've been thinking about how to make indicators for cyclists for about 3 years. When a production of my reflective backpack cover designs had a fault with the elastic this year, I found myself with a problem. I couldn't use these covers because the elastic didn't stretch enough. But the material - apart from the elastic - is still great. 

Then I realised: I save these rain covers from landfill AND make Indicuffs™. I can base the design entirely on these materials and I make them myself in Manchester! Suddenly my problem production had shaped the solution to the Indicuffs™ design and creation.

Made in Manchester, by the designer

I'm a one-person company. I usually design urban safety products and work with my fantastic factory in Fujian, China to make them. However, I already have the materials, a sewing machine and a studio here so I'm going to make them for you. Once a year, I do one project which is more conceptual and completed by me from beginning to end. This is the one for 2021. It helps me connect with my users, have a different relationship with my designs and understand more deeply the work my production team do at the factory.

Designing as cyclist

I cycle in Berlin - a big cycling city - and Manchester - not such a major cycling city. In Berlin, despite the huge cycling population and great infrastructure for cyclists, I have seen many cycling accidents first hand. Each one is shocking and leaves me thinking, can I design something to help? Indicuffs™ won't stop every accident happening but I hope they will add to the tool kit cyclists have available to them to communicate with drivers and, in this case, show their direction changes in summer, winter, night and day just more clearly. My aim is that you have safer journeys on the road and feel confident you're using the right tools to do so.

Design by Sarah Giblin

I'm the Founder / Designer at I first came to Kickstarter in 2014 with my design for a secure "backwards" laptop backpack called RiutBag. This simple urban design sparked a global anti-theft backpack industry over the last 7 years. As I move around cities, I find myself interested in things that don't work as well as they could. 

My design philsophy is built into the name of my company. Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. I promise to revolve all my thinking around you, the user. I believe we users are well placed to spot problems in the world and come up with good solutions and, with the help of backers on Kickstarter across the world, we can do it. Finally, I want my designs to impact your thinking. I want them to help you adapt to your urban environment by giving you the tools to travel safely, confidently and with peace of mind.

Visit the homepage to see my latest designs secure travel designs.

Sarah Giblin

Founder / Designer