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Pre-Order: Easy-Clean Backpack for Covid-19 Era

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We're currently making the RiutBag+ for you. Pre-order now for April 2021 release to get yours first.

Is there a wipe-clean backpack you can sanitise easily? Do any backpacks have mask holders? What's a good laptop bag for scientists working in a laboratory or hospital? Which backpack is easiest to keep clean? Which backpack helps disease prevention?

At the peak of the pandemic doctors with canvas backpacks were stopped on their way into and out of hospitals because the material couldn't be sanitised. Washing and ring  the backpack every night wasn't practical. 

RiutBag+ lets you clean your backpack in seconds with wipeable surfaces throughout. The secure laptop backpack lets you remove traces of bacteria and viruses quickly so hygiene-conscious doctors, chemists, teachers and urban travellers can reduce concern, prevent contamination at work and at home and enjoy greater journeys.

RiutBag+ is a 20 litre, secure laptop backpack with:

+ easy to clean and disinfect materials, inside and out

+ mask holder 

+ attachment for your own sanitiser bottle 

+ minimalist future-functional design to enable maximum ease cleaning

+ 20 litres capacity

+ 15" laptop holder: maximum laptop dimensions 27 x 39 cm (10.6 x 15.35 inches) 

+ bottle holders (500ml)

+ wipe-clean internal pocket

+ secure design with all zips against your back

+ suitable for vegetarians and vegans

+ durable, long-lasting materials

+ free 100% waterproof rain cover - also easy-clean

Please note: laptop, water bottle, mask and hand sanitiser are not included. These are for illustrative purposes to show RiutBag®+ features