Christmas delivery: final order dates


The RiutBag is all about giving peace of mind. RiutBag parcels are sent from England and it's really important to me that you get your parcel on time with no extra stress. For that reason, these dates show you the last safe day to order on to receive your RiutBag parcel in time for Christmas delivery in December 2016. Wishing you a safe and relaxing Christmas this year. 

If you're giving the RiutBag as a gift, click on 25 December 2016 below to help the new RiutBag user get the most out of their new design.

Christmas day for new RiutBag users

Merry Christmas RiutBag users from me, Sarah Giblin, the RiutBag creator! RiutBag is the backwards backpack for secure city travel giving peace of mind to the RiutBag user, wherever they are. It's also something else: it's a reminder that one person can have an idea and make it happen, with the help of the crowd.

User manual The user manual is there to help new RiutBag users get the most out of the design from day one. You'll find videos with descriptions and demos on this page: 

Share the story If you're giving the RiutBag as a gift this year, share the whole story with the new RiutBag user. From idea to prototype, from prototype to crowdfunding on Kickstarter, from Kickstarter to the first ever production run and now on to the backs of city travels around the world, you are part of the Revolution in user thinking: Riut. That's what the RiutBag is all about. 

RiutBag lets us travel safely in our busy cities. We can travel together with peace of mind. Have a great end to 2016 and a safe, exciting 2017. 

Riut. Revolution in user thinking