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What's in the January sale 2018 at Riut? 30% off at riut.co.uk

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Happy new year! Share this 30% off sale with friends looking for a new backpack this January.

anti theft backpack sale online january 2018

You'll find last season's secure laptop RiutBag R15.2 (was £99 now £69) and the RiutBag R25 - Riut's first ever maximum carry-on hand luggage backpack - returns for the January sale (was £129 now £90). 

backpack online january sale

What does the RiutBag do that other backpacks don't?

1) Security and peace of mind

3 years ago, most backpacks in the world had their zips on the outside. That meant, the person behind you could get into your backpack more easily than the person wearing it. The RiutBag designer turned the conventional backpack around to put all the zips against your back. That way, you can travel with peace of mind even in the busiest cities knowing no one can put anything into or remove anything from your backpack but you.

2) Hand luggage size for flights

RiutBag is a city travel backpack. We want to pack everything we have, not pay extra for check-in luggage and get out of the airport fast on the other side. For the designer, that means all RiutBags must fit on board your flight. The RiutBag designer uses the strict luggage restrictions for carry-on hand luggage on UK budget flights to build RiutBags. 

3) High quality, resilient and waterproof materials

When setting out to build a new kind of backpack, the RiutBag designer had two options: choose low cost materials that will will wear and break easily, or high resilience, anti-abrasive materials with waterproofing. RiutBag is built for daily city and international travel. Those of us who travel a lot know we need to be able to throw our backpacks around, stuff them full, drag them through every weather and still come out looking smart on the other side. So RiutBag is made with Cordura, a high performing, high resilience nylon which can be washed too.

4) UK design by Sarah Giblin

RiutBag idea was born in the peak commuter time on public transport in London, in commuter town Reading and on busy budget flights to and and from London. It was squeezing into those packed trains and planes that commuter Sarah Giblin realised that the old backpack design was making travel more stressful.

"Checking zips are still shut, that your passport and wallet are there and keeping on high alert in case on of your fellow commuters is targeting you for theft. This level of suspicion is normal in highly developed, affluent cities. We carry important technology, accessing even more important data. Our technology enables us to be hyper mobile. Yet, our mobility and daily functioning is reliant on precisely this technology.


The concern for the security of our belongings makes sense. But what if it's possible to remove the excess concern with a simple change in the design of the backpack? Just by turning it around? What if that provides peace of mind that your belongings are secure when they are on your back? Could this have a meaningful influence on your stress levels over the years that we commute and travel in our increasingly packed cities?"


It took her a year to decide to leave her job and make the backwards backpack RiutBag. She did in March 2014, prototyped 3 versions and then crowd funded the idea with the help over 2,500 Kickstarter backers. Within a year of leaving her job, there were RiutBag users roaming the world's cities with their secure backwards backpacks.


Sarah is still a one-person startup today. She designs every millimetre of the RiutBag to be a highly functional secure, smart and simple backpack for daily and international travel. She works with many small businesses across the globe to make sure RiutBags are made to the highest standards, from the greatest materials and she is working on new designs based on user feedback all the time. 


5) 15" laptop backpack

RiutBag R15.2 and R25 are laptop backpacks. The back panel doubles as a laptop compartment which you can quickly and easily access your laptop. This is especially important on the train, plane or in airport security queues. The base of the laptop compartment is highly padded so your laptop never gets anywhere near the ground. This means you can be pretty rough with your RiutBag and know that your tech is safe.  



Last season's RiutBags are now available from £69 (was £99) for the best selling R15.2 and £90 (was £129) for the maximum carry-on RiutBag R25. These are the last of their kind, so when they go they're really gone.