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What makes a good gift?

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The right gift can have a positive impact for months and years after you’ve given it. Here are five things that make a great gift:
  1. A simple solution to a real problem
  2. You can use it every day
  3. It makes life a little easier
  4. It’s got a great story behind it
  5. It’s made by a passionate creator

What makes a good gift?

Who make gifts like these?

There are people like me - inventors and startup founders - everywhere trying to solve real problems that people have every day. Getting a useful gift that solves real problem, is a sure fire way to make your favourite people happy every time they use it.

If it sounds like a tall task ticking all those boxes, don’t worry! Just plan ahead a little and let the world’s startups will come up with the ideas for you :)

Here's how RiutBag makes a useful travel gift

Useful idea: Backpacks are already useful! But I've reinvented the backpack to be safer for city travel. I took the old backpack design and just turned it around: I took all the zips normally accessible to the person behind and put them against your back. Backwards backpack. It's simple, smart and secure. 

Use it every day: The RiutBag is built for the commute and city travel. So it's designed to be used every day! It has a 15" laptop holder, a D-pocket to keep your phone or passport in securely on the go and - depending on the model - is small, medium or large enough for global travel. It's used by thousands of travellers daily on trains, planes and on foot all over the world.

Gift that makes life easier: RiutBag makes life easier by taking away the stress and worries associated with commuting and travel. No more checking zips. No more running along with your backpack wide open. Everything is there and secure. It is built for peace of mind.

A gift with a story: I had the RiutBag idea after one particularly packed commute. I thought "I wish my backpack were the other way round" so I didn't need to keep worrying about who or what was behind me. After trying to buy it, I couldn't find it. Then I realised it just didn't exist. So I left my job and crowd funded the RiutBag on Kickstarter thanks to over 2,500 backers who gave my idea a chance.

Gift built my a passionate designer: Since then, I’ve redesigned the RiutBag every production building in all the user feedback I’ve received. The RiutBag is a reminder - on your back, every day - that you can have an idea and make it happen with the help of the crowd. So believe in your idea and go and make the world a better place!

If you think the RiutBag a good idea, please share it with travellers or people you think might benefit from the design! For now, good luck preparing for the festive season. And don’t worry: just look for useful ideas your loved ones can use every day and you’ll be on to a winner.

Here's how it works. Click on this image to see all the RiutBags and travel gifts available:

RiutBag - how it works