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Play the travel game: would you rather travel #wyrtravel

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In my time as an urban backpack designer, I've asked travellers a lot of questions about how they travel. I've found that we all have such remarkably different travel preferences.

So are our travel preferences in the majority or minority? I'm building a very simple online game called #wyrtravel which stands for "Would you rather travel" and I'd love your help getting travellers involved in playing. Every week I'll put a new question out there. It always start with the same question:

Would you rather travel...[option a] or [option b]?

All you have to do is comment with the first answer that comes into your head! Whether helpful, practical or absurd, join in on your way to work, as you're planning for your holiday or just wondering where to go next.  


You can find your way to all the #wyrtravel questions here. Just follow the links!

Week two: #wyrtravel luxury or budget?

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Travel game: luxury or budget #wyrtravel riutbag


Week one: #wyrtravel facing forwards or backwards on the train?

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Travel game: forwards or backwards #wyrtravel riutbag

This was the very first #wyrtravel question. Every week I'll add links to the next. Find each question on Facebook or Twitter. Share and comment to take part!