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Travel safe with peace of mind #traveltogether - RiutBags in December 2015


'Though we travel alone through our towns and cities, really we travel together, along hundreds, thousands and even millions of follower commuters and city dwellers. This winter, see whether the RiutBag can help bring you peace of mind in your travels.

To feel secure in our cities means we adapt to our ever more urban lives. Whether going to work or on holiday in the world's fantastic capitals, simply turn your bag the Riut way round www.riut.co.uk RiutBag is the backwards backpack with no outer zips. This way, when you're wearing it, all the zips are against your back. You *know* your laptop, keys, passport and wallet are there. We can #traveltogether with peace of mind in our busy cities. Riut stands for Revolution in user thinking. Join us: www.riut.co.uk