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One year on from funding: thoughts on running the one person startup Riut


In November 2015, I looked back at the year we took an idea and made it real. Who are we? A crowd of people who have never all met, and maybe never will. A revolution of rucksack users. That's who we are. 

It's been the hardest and best year of my life. Thank you to everyone who backed this idea, shared it, liked it and gave me encouragement along the way. Here are my thoughts on the first year of Riut.

Looking back, Sarah Giblin celebrates her first year since successful Kickstarter funding. And what a year it's been :) www.riut.co.uk RiutBag is the backwards backpack with no outer zips for secure city travel. Sarah had the idea, left her job in 2014, prototyped and went to Kickstarter. Over 1000 backers helped her move from prototype to manufactured first edition. Since then, she's created two new models with the help of over 3000 RiutBag users. Here's her story: www.riut.co.uk/riutbag-story