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Airport security takes a closer look at the RiutBag... first ever RiutBag story!

RiutBag story airport security

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One of the RiutBag's Kickstarter backers, who received his RiutBag in February, got in touch to let me know he'd experienced an odd route through security at an airport with his RiutBag. (You can imagine alarm bells started ringing. Had I designed a bag that can't be taken on a plane..?)

When the RiutBag owner reached security at the UK airport, the conversation went something like this:

"Hello sir, is this your bag?"

"Er.. yes."

"Please come with me for a secondary inspection."

"Right. OK."

Off they went to a slightly intimidating back room - you know the ones with an already opened box of rubber gloves. Then the security guard's demeanour changed:

"Actually, there's no problem. I backed this Kickstarter campaign too. But my RiutBag doesn't arrive until April! I just wanted to have a closer look at it.."

They bonded over the ins and outs of the RiutBag, had a chat about what it was like using it and both went their ways! I'm thrilled to say you definitely can take a RiutBag on a plane! *Phew*

Thanks to one of the RiutBag's backers for this brilliant story. I'd like to hear about your RiutBag encounters. Share them on www.facebook.com/riutbag! There was honestly a time at which I was concerned the RiutBag might decrease human interaction because we wouldn't be tapping on each other's shoulders to say "excuse me, your bag's open" and other such things. But I think we might actually have a little more interaction as a consequence of their existence! Even if it is with security..



Sign up at www.riut.co.uk to get your hands on one of the final Kickstarter RiutBags! £70 to order this March, arrival by post in May 2015. International shipping outside the UK costs extra.