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Air France, everything alright? Airline branding slip

Air France different logos

General Charles de Gaulle may have been able to put France's identity back on track, founding the fifth French republic in 1958. However, whilst travelling through Charles de Gaulle airport the other day, I couldn't help but notice that Air France was having a wobble about its own identity. What's up Air France, or should I say "AirFrance"? Not sure whether to go bold or not, have a gap or just make your name into one word? They there were, a fleet of Air France planes ranging from the Airbus 319 to the Airbus 330. Yet, the actual logo varies in boldness from plane to plane. In fact, on these three planes alone there seem to be three different approaches to the font. I'm battling through the world of logos and fonts at the moment too; but I'd like to think after 81 years I'll have settled for just one option.

Crisis de identite, peut-etre?

I've got to say, before I travelled with them this month I couldn't have told you what the Air France branding, service or style was. I was pleasantly surprised by the shabby chic Amélie approach to onboard service, the little fruit bowls and surprise from the staff and surrounding passengers that I was having no wine with my meal. (The passengers got over my inability to enjoy a meal normally and wished me a loudly whispered "bon appétit!" from as far as three rows away.)

These days, Air France, we're savvy flight-buyers. We like our brands to be professional, consistent and even playful. We know our arials from our sans gills; we note logo and colour changes - come on, a Google pixel shifts makes the headlines. So it feels a little more attention to the font of the logo itself could help bring you neatly into this century.

Ah, the things you can discover at a new airport. I must say, 10 out of 10 for Charles de Gaulle. Brilliant airport for connecting flights, an air conditioning system which creates an indoor breeze and the odd feline flier. Bold or not, Air France, I'm more than likely to fly with you again.


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