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Rucksack prototyping begins Tuesday! Help this startup for 2 minutes

It turns out that Guy Kawasaki, former Google software evangelist, is right. Facebook is for people and personal stuff, Linkedin is for pimping yourself or your company and Google+? Google+ is about passion. Today I helped make a rucksack on Google+

Passion about rucksacks

We don't know each other. We are most likely not in the same town, city or country. But we share ideas, pictures, videos and news because Google+ is place to be passionate about anything: cars, food, bikes, health, design, html, advertising, social movements and - now - rucksacks.

Learning from users

Thank you to everyone on Google+ who has engaged, +1ed or commented on my posts. I've learnt from everything you've said. It's time for one final survey - the big one (2 minutes) - before prototyping starts on Tuesday.

Tell me what you want

Influence colour, cost, look and size. Seriously geek out on the details. If you fancy, become part of a global urban commuter or rucksack focus group!