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Apple Pay now available on www.riut.co.uk

RiutBags - safe backwards laptop backpacks - are exclusively available at www.riut.co.uk. Your payment is managed securely via Stripe, online payment gateway. Your card details are never held by Riut.

Convenient and secure

To help you pay more easily, as well as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and other major credit cards, Apple Pay is now available on www.riut.co.uk. No need to dig out your cards or input your card details one digit at a time. Apple never shares your card details with Riut - but then, neither does Stripe, Riut's current payment gateway.

Which devices support Apple Pay?

iPhone 6, 6 PlusiPhone 6S, 6S PlusiPhone 7, 7 PlusiPhone SEApple WatchiPad Air 2iPad Pro and iPad Mini 3 users have the option to use Apple Pay when you reach the checkout. 

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From Kickstarter to startup: RiutBag design timeline last 12 months

Leaving your job with only your sketches under your arm and an idea in your head is an exciting time. That's where the RiutBag - secure backwards backpack - was in March 2014. 

Since then, over 2,500 amazing Kickstarter backers helped to fund the RiutBag in existence. Riut's second Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded this time last year in October 2015 - here's the link - thanks to commuters, city travellers and backpack users all over the world. As with the first Kickstarter campaign, I got on the next flight to the RiutBag factory in Fujian, China, completed the production run of the new R10 and R15 designs and had them sent to the new RiutBag users.

But then what? Well, then it's time to start trying to build a startup that can stand on its own. That's a whole different ball game. Here's what the RiutBag, Riut and I have done in the last year to get this far.

RiutBag Riut backpack startup Kickstarter progress 2016


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Best backpack for air travel 2016. RiutBag: secure, smart, simple


Best backpack for air travel? Best safe backpack? RiutBag opens backwards so you feel totally secure travelling globally and through busy airports.

See the video for real airport experience with RiutBag R15. At airport security your laptop can be quickly removed and stowed. The top pocket is useful for holding on board liquids and, most importantly, the D-pocket lets you easily access your passport on the go. All RiutBags are carry on size, even for the strictest airlines. RiutBag R10 and R15 fit under the seat in front for a quick get away. 

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RiutBag is the secure backwards backpack. It was designed and brought to life by over 2,500 Kickstarter backers in 2014-2015. Join the rucksack revolution and share with people you think could benefit if you think it's a good idea.


2 year anniversary since the first ever RiutBag prototype completed!


Happy 2nd anniversary RiutBag! It is two years since the first ever RiutBag prototype - and thus the first ever RiutBag - was completed :) In September 2014, the design was still top secret. Only about 5 people in the world new it existed and my first Kickstarter campaign was due to start one month later. Thank you to all the early adopters of the backwards backpack for secure urban travel. 


Thank you to prototype-maker Annah Legg (www.girlandbird.com) every Kickstarter backer, RiutBag user and supporter for helping to turn the world's backpacks around the Riut way. RiutBag is backwards so we can all move in busy urban spaces with calm and confidence. There is no need to feel suspicious, hostile or irritated by those around us. We live in densely populated urban spaces: let's have a revolution in our own thinking, adapt and enjoy it.

Riut, pronounced "riot", stands for Revolution in user thinking. This describes the RiutBag, revolved by 180 degrees to fit the zips securely against your back. It describes the impact on the user: allowing them to have a revolution in their own thinking. Finally, it describes the process of creating the RiutBag. I was a rucksack user. I took my savings, prototyped, went to other backpack users on the crowdfunding website - Kickstarter - and, with their help, made this idea real. Thank you for all the support and challenge in the last two years.

Kind regards,

Sarah Giblin
RiutBag creator

Secure, safe backpack for work and commute - holds 15 inch laptop


Until teleportation is fully functioning, we're going to have to carry our more important belongings with us every day whether on our way to work, on holiday, back home in the evening or visiting a new city abroad.

Backpacks are the best way to carry plenty. We carry laptops, tablets, smartphones, passports, keys and then all the non-tech stuff: lunch, jacket, gym shoes. You distribute all the weight you're carrying over both shoulders, your legs and back take the weight, allowing you to stand with good posture. The carry bag, shoulder bag and handbag don't do much for your back over the many decades that we travel and commute.

There's just one problem with backpacks: they are the wrong way round. The person behind you can get into your backpack more easily than you can. That's a real design fault in our busy cities across the globe.

Check out the RiutBag, backwards backpack that lets you commute with lower stress, not worrying about zips being undone or items going missing.

RiutBag was created by backpack user Sarah Giblin. With the help of over 2,500 Kickstarter backers she brought her idea to life and now ships RiutBags to new users globally every day. 

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